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Custom Engineered Duct Drop

Custom engineered duct drop in an exposed ceiling area.

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250 Ton Crane Installation

Eber HVAC can install equipment in the most difficult locations like this job that required a 250 ton crane with an articulating jib in a high traffic area.

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Industrial Dust Collection

Eber HVAC can furnish and install any size dust collector on industrial, commercial or institutional jobs.

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Air Distribution Rail-car Painting

Eber HVAC specializes in designing complicated air distribution systems like this system designed to dry the paint on an oversized railroad car.

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Sheet Metal Ductwork

Eber HVAC will install insulated sheet metal ductwork like this system in the new Philipsburg Elementary School multipurpose room.

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Helicopter HVAC Installation

Eber HVAC has experience using construction helicopters to set equipment on a building when a crane or standard rigging is not available.

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Custom Air Handling Unit

Eber HVAC will take on the most challenging projects like installing custom air handling units on a roof 14 stories high at Altoona Hospital.

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